Sounds for Cyber Heroes and Virtual Avatars: THE LONE GUNMEN and HARSH REALM


Talking about The X-Files means talking about Mark Snow. Without his musical input, his haunting themes, and his capability of creating a dark and moody atmosphere, the show would lack one of its most important features. Rectal Palpation

Tethered to an unfathomable universe: THE X-FILES – THE TRUTH AND THE LIGHT


With the increasing popularity of The X-Files as a tv-show, more merchandising products became available. So it was only a matter of time, until finally a CD with the score by Mark Snow would be released. In March 1996, The X-Files theme was released as an EP and became a huge success in Europe, even reaching Number 1 in the French single charts. In September of that same year, the album X-Files: The Truth and the Light followed. The Truth is out there!

35 Jahre „Die Drei ???“ als Hörspiel – Ein spezialgelagerter Sonderfall

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Darf ich Ihnen unsere Karte geben?“

Kaum zu glauben, aber die drei Detektive ermitteln schon seit 1979 als Hörspielserie in mysteriösen Fällen aller Art. Ihre Geschichte geht allerdings noch weiter zurück. 1964 erschien in den USA der erste Roman mit den Junior-Detektiven, 1968 erfolgte dann die erste Veröffentlichung in Deutschland. Die Drei ??? und der weitergehende Text